This blog post will be updated from time to time.

The 7th Dragon 2020 wiki is slowly improving, but there's really much left to do. So I took my free time to write this list so that it could be easier to know what needs to improving and such things. Remember, all help is appriciated! This wiki really needs more editors, so the more the merrier!

To-do List

  1. More data about, well, everything. For example more details about all characters and more info about other things like soundtracks, game mechanics etc. This is what this wiki lack the most so I guess it got the number 1. to-do.
  2. More photos. Especially on classes, characters and other things that involves with the story.
  3. More pages. There is still many pages that doesn't exist on this wiki that is really important like item, location and monster pages.
  4. More templates. Templates makes the job easier and makes the pages look neater, so more templates are a must have.
  5. And the last one, more references/external links. Sources are very important in wikis, so this is pretty much important.

Minor To-do list

This is a list of things that are lesser important than the To-do List above.

  1. Fix the Wiki Navigator and inable more wiki traits. Though, that can only admins do, so I leave it to them.
  2. Add more high quality pictures and cleaner pictures. Some of the pictures aren't high quality, so this is something minor we need to fix. Also, change the names of the pictures to more acceptable names for example Samurai.jpg instead of jpaoejfnaksl12485.jpg.
  3. Add all the original videos from 7th Dragon's original channel. But that's not that important, though we must still do that.

I'll maybe will add more, but I there's nothing in mind for now.

Happy editing!

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