Rōmaji Mugen
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Black

Mugen (ムゲン, ') is a rendition of the male Psychic character in the , 7th Dragon 2020 and 7th Dragon 2020-II Visual Collections bonus manga'.


It permits in hell send!!

Psychic bounty hunter and also Sung boy. That Miss and all of its money to the poor, "life, lighter than the piece of paper" as the Yankees. There is bravery just cat Dragon eating killed it was just to help. Bad tone is short and angry and scared.

He became teammates with "Haru Nishimura" (Destroyer) and "Tsubaki Kujo" (Samurai) in Unit 13.


External linkEdit

Mugen_(7th_Dragon_2020) on the Heroes wiki.

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